Model Curriculum

Rubber, Chemical & Petrochemical Skill Development Council

Occupation Name of the Qualification Pack (QP) NSQF Level QP Code Weblink
Building Assembling & Curing Operator-Footwear & Sports Good 4 RSC/Q3104
Building Tyre Component Stock Preparation Operator 4 RSC/Q2509
Building Building Operator: Hoses 4 RSC/Q1201
Building Building Operator – Rubber to Metal Bonding 4 RSC/Q1206
Building Bicycle/Rickshaw Tyre Building Operator – Monoband 4 RSC/Q0501
Building Bicycle/Rickshaw Tyre Building Operator – TBMHel 4 RSC/Q0502
Building Building Operator- Cables 4 RSC/Q1204
Building Building Operator: Converyor Belts 4 RSC/Q1202
Building Building Operator: Rubber Roller 4 RSC/Q1208
Building Building Operator: V Belt for Transmission 4 RSC/Q1203
Building Building Operator-Footwear 4 RSC/Q1205
Building Building Operator-Sports Goods 4 RSC/Q1207
Calendering Rubber Calendering Operator 4 RSC/Q2701
Calendering Calendaring Supervisor 5 RSC/Q0701
Calendering Quality Control Inspector -Calendering 5 RSC/Q0730
Calendering Calendering Operator 4 RSC/Q0727
Dipping/Stripping Dipping Plant Operator 4 RSC/Q1801
Dipping/Stripping Stripping Unit Operator 4 RSC/Q1802
Extrusion Rubber Extruder Operator 4 RSC/Q2601
Extrusion Rubber Tube Extruder Operator 4 RSC/Q2602
Extrusion Extrusion Supervisor 5 RSC/Q0601
Extrusion Latex Thread Extrusion Operator 4 RSC/Q0602
Extrusion Extruder Operator 4 RSC/Q0622
Extrusion Quality Control Inspector- Extrusion 5 RSC/Q0624
Final Finish Rubber Product Finishing Operator 4 RSC/Q3201
Final Finish Product Finishing Supervisor 5 RSC/Q1503
Final Finish Finishing Operator (Latex) 4 RSC/Q1504
Final Finish Finishing Operator (Tyre) 4 RSC/Q1501
Final Finish Finishing Operator (Non Tyre) 4 RSC/Q1502
Lab Chemist Lab Chemist-Rubber 5 RSC/Q2301
Lab Chemist Lab Chemist (Latex) 5 RSC/Q0302
Lab Chemist Laboratory Assistant/Chemist 4 RSC/Q0303
Lab Chemist Lab Chemist – Incoming raw material testing 5 RSC/Q0312
Lab Chemist Lab Chemist – Finished Product Testing 5 RSC/Q0315
Lab Chemist Lab Chemist- Compound testing – Batch Release 5 RSC/Q0313
Lab Chemist Lab Chemist – Cured Compound Testing 5 RSC/Q0314
Lab Chemist Lab Supervisor 5 RSC/Q0301
Latex Compounding/Mixing Latex Mixing Operator 4 RSC/Q3401
Latex Compounding/Mixing Latex Compounding Supervisor 5 RSC/Q1703
Latex Compounding/Mixing Emulsion Maker 4 RSC/Q1701
Latex Compounding/Mixing Latex Compounder 4 RSC/Q1702
Latex Compounding/Mixing Dispersion Maker 4 RSC/Q1704
Latex Compounding/Mixing Planetary Mixer Operator 4 RSC/Q1705
Latex Compounding/Mixing Coagulant Bath Operator 4 RSC/Q1707
Latex Product Manufacturing Finishing and Packaging Operator (Latex) 4 RSC/Q3406
Latex Product Manufacturing Latex Dipping Plant Operator 4 RSC/Q3404
Latex Product Manufacturing Rubber Foaming Machine Operator 4 RSC/Q3403
Latex Product Manufacturing Continuous Foaming Machine Operator 4 RSC/Q1706
Mixing Rubber Internal Mixer Operator 4 RSC/Q0112
Mixing Rubber Pre-Mixing Operator 4 RSC/Q0113
Mixing Mill Operator 4 RSC/Q0101
Mixing Mixing Supervisor 5 RSC/Q0111
Mixing Rubber Adhesive/Cement Mixing Operator 4 RSC/Q0110
Mixing Internal Mixer Operator 4 RSC/Q0201
Mixing Kneader Operator 4 RSC/Q0103
Mixing Loading and Unloading Operator 4 RSC/Q0109
Moulding/Curing Pneumatic Tyre Moulding Operator 4 RSC/Q0211
Moulding/Curing Pre & Post Tyre Moulding Operator 4 RSC/Q2209
Moulding/Curing Rubber Curing Operator 4 RSC/Q2201
Moulding/Curing Solid Tyre Moulding Operator 4 RSC/Q2203
Moulding/Curing Autoclave Operator 4 RSC/Q0210
Moulding/Curing Transfer Moulding Operator 4 RSC/Q0206
Moulding/Curing Bladder Assembly Operator 4 RSC/Q0216
Moulding/Curing Bladder Curing Operator 4 RSC/Q0204
Moulding/Curing Compression Moulding Operator 4 RSC/Q0205
Moulding/Curing Curing Chamber Operator 4 RSC/Q0214
Moulding/Curing Injection Moulding Operator 4 RSC/Q0207
Moulding/Curing Mould Cleaning and Inspection Operator (Latex) 4 RSC/Q0215
Moulding/Curing Moulding /Curing Supervisor 5 RSC/Q0213
Moulding/Curing Mould Inspection, Cleaning, Storage and Handling Operator 4 RSC/Q0212
Moulding/Curing Tyre Pre Cure Preparation Operator 4 RSC/Q0202
Production Junior Rubber Technician/Technical Assistant 3 RSC/Q0831
Production Senior Rubber Technician 6 RSC/Q0832
Production – Natural Rubber Factory Manager Technically Specified Rubber 8 RSC/Q6112
Production – Natural Rubber Field Assistant (Latex Harvest) 4 RSC/Q6108
Production – Natural Rubber Field Supervisor (Latex Harvest) 5 RSC/Q6109
Production – Natural Rubber General Worker ( CENEX ) 3 RSC/Q6101
Production – Natural Rubber General Worker (Ribbed smoked sheet Trading) 3 RSC/Q6102
Production – Natural Rubber General Worker-Rubber Plantation 4 RSC/Q6107
Production – Natural Rubber Grader (Ribbed smoked sheet Trading) 4 RSC/Q6125
Production – Natural Rubber Latex Harvest Technician (Tapper) 4 RSC/Q6103
Production – Natural Rubber Manager Rubber Sheeting 6 RSC/Q6115
Production – Natural Rubber Manager –Production (CENEX) 6 RSC/Q6110
Production – Natural Rubber Processing Assistant Technically Specified Rubber 3 RSC/Q6114
Production – Natural Rubber Processing Supervisor-Rubber Sheeting 5 RSC/Q6116
Production – Natural Rubber Processing Technician-Rubber Sheeting 4 RSC/Q6117
Production – Natural Rubber Rubber Plantation Manager 4 RSC/Q6105
Production – Natural Rubber Rubber Plantation Supervisor 5 RSC/Q6106
Production – Natural Rubber Storage Assistant (Ribbed smoked sheet Trading) 4 RSC/Q6104
Production – Natural Rubber Supervisor (CENEX) 5 RSC/Q6111
Production – Natural Rubber Supervisor-Technically Specified Rubber 5 RSC/Q6113
Production – Rubber Wood Furniture Assembler 3 RSC/Q6203
Production – Rubber Wood Machine Operator 4 RSC/Q6202
Production – Rubber Wood Saw Mill Technician 4 RSC/Q6201
Quality Assurance Rubber Product-Quality Assurance Supervisor 6 RSC/Q2401
Quality Control Manager QA (CENEX) 6 RSC/Q0403
Quality Control Quality Controller-Technically Specified Rubber 5 RSC/Q0404
Quality Control Quality Control Inspector-Statistical Process Control 6 RSC/Q0416
Quality Control Quality Control Inspector-Visual  Inspection 5 RSC/Q0417
Quality Control Quality Control Inspector-Dimension Check 4 RSC/Q0418
Quality Control QA Supervisor 5 RSC/Q0401
Quality Control QA Technician (Latex) 5 RSC/Q0402
Reclaim Rubber Rubber Product Reclaim Operator 4 RSC/Q3702
Reclaim Rubber Whole Tyre Reclaim Operator 4 RSC/Q3701
Reclaim Rubber Autoclave Operator – Rubber Reclaim 4 RSC/Q2101
Reclaim Rubber Cracker Operator 4 RSC/Q2102
Reclaim Rubber Grinding Operator 4 RSC/Q2103
Reclaim Rubber Pre-refining Operator 4 RSC/Q2104
Reclaim Rubber Refining Operator 4 RSC/Q2105
Reclaim Rubber Straining Operator 4 RSC/Q2106
Rubber Nursery Management Rubber Nursery Manager 6 RSC/Q6001
Rubber Nursery Management Rubber Nursery Office Assistant 4 RSC/Q6003
Rubber Nursery Management Rubber Nursery Supervisor 5 RSC/Q6002
Rubber Nursery Management Rubber Nursery Worker-Budder 4 RSC/Q6004
Rubber Nursery Management Rubber Nursery Worker-General 4 RSC/Q6005
Sales & Marketing Executive Procurement-Ribbed smoked rubber Trading 4 RSC/Q6303
Sales & Marketing Market Analyst cum Supervisior (Ribbed smoked sheet Trading) 6 RSC/Q6302
Sales & Marketing Officer (Purchase/Sale) Technically Specified Rubber 4 RSC/Q6301
Stock/Component Preparation Bead Room Operator 4 RSC/Q1104
Stock/Component Preparation Stock-Component-Bead Preparation Supervisor 5 RSC/Q1105
Stock/Component Preparation Ply Cutting Operator 4 RSC/Q1101
Stock/Component Preparation Wire Cutting Operator 4 RSC/Q1102
Stock/Component Preparation Slitting Operator 4 RSC/Q1103
Storage & Warehousing Material Handling and Storage Operator 4 RSC/Q0108
Storage & Warehousing Warehouse Supervisor 5 RSC/Q1605
Storage & Warehousing Packaging Operator 4 RSC/Q1601
Storage & Warehousing Storage Operator 4 RSC/Q1602
Storage & Warehousing Dispatch Operator 4 RSC/Q1603
Storage & Warehousing Rubber Product Assembler 3 RSC/Q1604
Storage & Warehousing Sorting/Packing Operator (Latex) 4 RSC/Q1606
Storage & Warehousing Foam Wrapping Operator 4 RSC/Q1607
Storage Assistant Storage Assistant 3 RSC/Q0104
Tyre Building Tyre building operator-passenger vehicles 4 RSC/Q0519
Tyre Building Tyre Building Operator: Solid Tyre 4 RSC/Q0503
Tyre Building Tyre building Operator -Commercial Vehicles 4 RSC/Q0521
Tyre Building Radial building operator 4 RSC/Q0520
Tyre Building Tyre Building Operator : Off the Road Tyreces Helpd 4 RSC/Q0504
Tyre Cord Dipping Rubber Adhesive Fabric Dipping Operator 4 RSC/Q2901
Tyre Cord Dipping Creel Room Operator 4 RSC/Q1003
Tyre Cord Dipping Dip Solution Preparation Operator 4 RSC/Q1001
Tyre Cord Dipping Synthetic Cord Dipping Operator 4 RSC/Q1002
Tyre Manufacturing Tyre Uniformity Operator 4 RSC/Q2006
Tyre Retreading Tyre Retreading-Building & Curing Operator 4 RSC/Q3502
Tyre Retreading Tyre Retreading Inspection and Buffing Operator 4 RSC/Q3501
Tyre Retreading Tyre Casing Inspection Operator 4 RSC/Q1901
Tyre Retreading Tyre Casing Buffing Operator 4 RSC/Q1902
Tyre Retreading Tyre Tread Preparation and Building Operator 4 RSC/Q1903
Tyre Retreading Retreaded Tyre Curing Operator 4 RSC/Q0203
Tyre Retreading Final Inspection Operator (Retreaded Tyre) 4 RSC/Q1905
Tyre Servicing/Maintenance Tyre Fitter-Servicing and Maintenance 4 RSC/Q3601
Tyre Servicing/Maintenance Tyre Balancing Operator 4 RSC/Q3602
Tyre Servicing/Maintenance Tyre Fitter 4 RSC/Q2001
Tyre Servicing/Maintenance Tyre Wheel Balancing and Alignment Operator 4 RSC/Q2003