Rubber, Chemical & Petrochemical Skill Development Council

Assessment is a process to evaluate the skills/competencies acquired by trainee/ worker during NOS based training, to maintain the quality of assessment RSDC follows the robust NOS based assessment process which includes theory as well as practical assessment and to continuously strength the process RSDC’s assessment subcommittee evaluates and screens the assessment process.

Currently RSDC has empanelled 5 assessment agencies to conduct assessment for rubber manufacturing and Natural rubber Qualifications. Question bank of different job roles developed by the assessment agencies and same has been validated by RSDC’s Question bank validation subcommittee to ensure the quality of Questionnaire standardized across the country.

Assessors sourced by assessment agencies have been evaluated on various parameters:

–          Telephonic interview by the Rubber Expert

–          Orientation/Induction Program

–          Online Test to judge the technical as well as behavioral aspects

Download Application for assessment body
(Currently empanelment of new Assessment Agencies are closed. Please watch this space regularly for future information.)