Rubber, Chemical & Petrochemical Skill Development Council


Developing skill competency standards and qualifications
One of the main tasks of the SSC will be to develop and maintain the National Occupation Standards (NOS) of all the skill types in their sector. These will lay down the skill competency standards and qualification for each job role.

Conducting Skill Gap Study
To enhance the understanding of the skills-requirement in the rubber industry to help plan for capacity building needs and to built a source of information that provides qualitative and quantitative information on the labour market of the rubber sector.

Standardization of affiliation and accreditation process as well as participation in affiliation, accreditation, standardization
The main role of the SSC would be to standardize the accreditation and certification process to maintain quality in the training process as well as trained manpower.

Capacity creation in skill development by encouraging maximum private players participation in skill development as well as creating skill development infrastructure.

Plan and execute training of trainers
To ensure maximum coverage of the workforce in the skill development initiatives, adequate number of trainers have to be available at all times. This requires a planned intervention to train and certify adequate number of trainers before they are actually required.

Promotion of academies of excellence – A few model training institutes with best-in-class infrastructure, processes and faculty would need to develop as Academies of Excellence, to lay down standards in training for other players in the sector to follow/ emulate.