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Store Incharge

27/12/17 14:10
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Maintaining the proper record of materials related to the receipt & issue of materials

Checking the physical quantity of materials and verify with a bin card.Preventing unauthorised entrance into the store roomMaintaining the stock registers, entering all receipts, issues and balance of materialsChecking and controlling losses due to leakage, theft, wear&tear, expiry dates and so onArranging for physical verification of store items periodicallySupplying information of materials, stock position as per requiredGenerate reports of idle materials and unwanted goodsCo-ordinate with the production departement to encourage materials shortfall from minimum available quantityMaintaining and controlling the expense of the company.To initiate action for stoppage of further purchasing when the stock level approaches maximum limitTo reserve a particular material for a specific job when so requiredTo inspect incoming goods at all times with respect to quantity & quality

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